How do I use the card?

Simply present your card along with your prescription(s) at a participating pharmacy. There is NO activation required. There are NO fees to participate.

Do I have to fill out any claim forms or paperwork?

No. There are no claim forms or paperwork to complete.

When I can I start using the card?

You can use the card immediately. Just print a card and present it along with your prescription(s) and start saving! You may also request to have a more durable card mailed to you to keep in your wallet or purse at NO cost.

How do I locate a participating pharmacy?

Over 80% of all pharmacies honor the card. To locate a participating pharmacy CLICK HERE.

What medications are covered?

All FDA approved brand and generic medications are covered.

How much money will I save?

Cardholders save on average 55% on generic medications and 15% on brand name medications. An exact savings cannot be provided as pricing depends on the medication and the particular pharmacies’ retail prices. You will receive the lowest or best price available at the pharmacy. If a brand name or generic drug is available through your pharmacy at a lower price than the drug card contracted price you will pay the lower of the two prices.

How long is the card good for?

There is no expiration date on the card and no limit on the number of prescriptions or users.

Do I need a separate card for each person in my family?

This card may be used by anyone in your household. You may print additional cards by clicking here. You may also request cards be mailed to you at NO COST by sending an email to medicaldiscount4u@gmail.com or by clicking here.